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Chris Reed

Landscape Architect, Stoss
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About Me

As the founder and director of Stoss, a Boston-based landscape architecture firm, Chris has always been drawn to public space- so it’s no wonder that his team is behind the design of network of open spaces and large public waterfront open space on the L Street Station site,  dedicated to integrating contemporary life into the site’s layers of history.

While Stoss’s offices in South Boston aren’t far from the L Street Station development, Chris’s experience reaches far beyond Boston. He’s internationally recognized in the fields of landscape and urbanism, including his work transforming derelict refinery and port sites along the lakefront in Mississauga, Canada, new waterfront developments in Shanghai and Green Bay, and most recently, for his work revisioning downtown Dallas and its riverfront. Chris is excited to bring this breadth of experience in landscapes to the project, creating an environment that celebrates the site’s history and energy while also rejuvenating it so that it’s inviting to the neighborhood and the city of Boston.

Chris received his Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and an AB in urban studies from Harvard College. He is also a professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture and co-director of the Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. When he’s not traveling for work, you can catch him running around one of his favorite places, Southie’s Castle Island, or watching his kids’ baseball, hockey and soccer games.